Wednesday, January 9, 2013



Officially this is my first post for this year, 2013

2013 dah? Masha Allah, time really flies.

Permulaan tahun baru yang tak berapa nak baik, now having cold, mild fever and sore throat

Siksanya, its been 2 weeks already, and its getting worse. Me pulak tak reti nak mintak cuti. So, hari ni sudah sangat-sangat tidak tertahan. Keluar sekolah tengahari tadi punch card pukul 1.57. I know, kalau tunggu lagi 3 minit legal la keluar sekolah. Since saya keluar pada pukul 1.57, ni kira illegal.hoho.I don't care,  I try my very best not to take MC, selagi boleh bangun pergi sekolah, I will go.

I really feel demotivated. Specifically with school. It hurts when people look down on you. Deep in my heart, I really love and enjoy being a class teacher. I love decorating my class. It just that I don't have enough time to do it. for now.I repeat FOR NOW. Be patience pleeasee! I'm not that type of anak-dara-yang-duduk2-goyang kaki di rumah-ok 

I've been struggelling wit research 2, asssgmnts, exams and being ill at the same time

Sangat-sangat berharap saat-saat sukar ni cepat berlalu pergi.. I want to keep in track with school. May Allah ease everything

Duaas please


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