Friday, May 20, 2011

You Are..

“You are my Comfort
You are my Solace
You are my Saviour
From all horrors
You are my Friend
You are my Strength
You’re with me through life
You walk the whole length
You are The Light
You are The Truth
Your Dhikr is my addiction
Cultivated in youth
You are The Source
You know my destiny
You hold my fate
From me a mystery
You send me trials
You know my pain
You teach me through hardship
I have much to gain
You bestow me with fruits
In abundance to savour
Yet You are patient
When I forget Your favours
You send the rain
And the rainbows too
With hardship comes ease
These words ring true
Enlighten my heart
Enliven my spirit
Let deeds in Your Name
Take up my minutes
Of this temporary life
Let me make use
To win Your pleasure
When my records You peruse
Help me stand up against the devil
Let me always do what’s right
Deliver me from peril, Oh Lord
To You belongs all might.”

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